Powder Brows

Nowadays, you can find many names that are associated with this method, namely Nano-spraying, velvet, pixel, spot or shadow.

This is a special kind of tattoo. In this case, the eyebrows will acquire a completely natural look and color, as if you apply shadows or a pencil to them, which will gently shade the skin of the eyebrows. Such a beautiful "smoke" effect is created. The technique of powder eyebrows has gained great popularity and today is extremely popular among ladies.

In the process of carrying out the method, the pigment is introduced into the upper layers of the skin by mixing it and "stretching"it. The special technique of tattooing consists in the uniform application of pigment with the help of a special device. The dye is sprayed to the smallest particles, and under the skin they are injected not with a needle, but with a special electronic device. Outwardly it looks like a short rod with a nozzle at the end. Such a "pen" promotes accurate application without unnecessary injuries to the skin. Unlike the "classic" tattoo, the face is subjected to minimal intervention. Anesthesia used during manipulation is designed to relieve discomfort and pain.

After application, you may feel an unpleasant feeling of skin tightness, which, however, subsides in a few days after application. During this period it is very important to follow the recommendations of the dermatologist, so that the rehabilitation takes place as quickly and simply as possible.

A month after the procedure, repeated spraying is necessary. This correction will help to correct past shortcomings and better consolidate the result.

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