Vacuum massage


Machine vacuum-massage

Machine vacuum massage is considered one of the strongest means to fight cellulite. For 10-15 sessions 2 times a week, one can lose 3 cm in his body and one size in clothes. At the same time the body is noticeably tightened and becomes slimmer, and the skin is softer and more elastic.


Machine vacuum massage is a procedure in which with the help of a special device, the air is drawn and sucked to certain parts of the body. Massage is performed on each zone separately. First on the abdomen, then alternately on the front of the thighs, on the side of the thighs and on the sides, on the back of the thighs and on the buttocks, on the shoulders and on the back. Previously, the master applies to the area with which it is working at the moment, Massage oil, so that the bowl of the device slides easily over the skin.

Then he warms up the tissues with mashing, stroking and “squeezing” movements (depending on the zone). Then he uses a special device. During the procedure, the massage bowl moves along the surface of the body, as if sucking the skin. The movements can be rectilinear, circular, zigzag-shaped, both in the direction of the lymph nodes, and against them. After completing the massage with a vacuum device the massage therapist soothes the skin with hands.


Anti-cellulite vacuum massage is not the massage during which you can relax and fall asleep. During the procedure, the pain can occur and its intensity depends on the amount of cellulite in your body and the level of tightness. After the massage, you’ll feel a very noticeable physical strength, because of which the next session, as a rule, is more painful. Some may even have bruises.


Later the body gets used and does not react so painfully to the procedure. Despite the unpleasant moments, anti-cellulite vacuum Massage produces a toning effect, warms up the muscles, softens the tissues, and causes a good burst of energy. Already after the first procedure, the effect of massage is noticeable. You may have a feeling that your clothes and shoes have become more spacious.


Contraindications to the vacuum massage:

  • blood clotting disorders (thrombocytopenic purpura)
  • sensitive skin
  • pregnancy and the first two months after childbirth, when the level of hormones is very high
  • gynecological diseases at the stage of exacerbation
  • acute infectious diseases with high body temperature and symptoms of acute intoxication
  • severe skin diseases (eczema, erysipelas, psoriasis)

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