Skin radiofrequency (RF-Lifting)

Radiofrequency (RF-lifting)

Radiofrequency is a radio wave lifting Today, radiofrequency is a progressive way to combat ageing. The rejuvenating effect is achieved with the help of high-frequency electromagnetic waves that penetrate into the deep layers of the skin and activate the production of collagen and elastin. This helps to strengthen the skeleton of the skin from the inside. The skin looks smooth, the enlarged pores decrease, and the face oval is tightened. Normally, the effect of this procedure is visible already after the first procedure. However, for best results, we recommend a course of 6-8 procedures weekly, followed by supporting procedures every 2-3 months.


Cosmetic effect :

  • increases skin elasticity and a healthy complexion
  • lifts up the face oval
  • reduces of the “second chin”
  • soothes wrinkles on the forehead, around eyes and mouth
  • reduces of circles under the eyes

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